Jackie Sleper

Ode to Gaudí in Mallorca
Published on Monday, 03 June 2013

Jackie in Mallorca

Preparations for my Indian exhibition, SOIL-Maati, are still ongoing and we will be flying to New Delhi next September to make the finishing touches. Meanwhile we are very pleased to announce a new project. Ien van Wierst, the initiator of the Palmyra Sculpture, saw my fountain, Ode to Gaudí, and was very keen to make this part of the exhibition, Women and Water. I was very enthusiastic about participating and found it very exciting to be involved with this exhibition.

In the meantime, I have twice been to Mallorca to visit her. I made the first 'exploratory' visit with my husband JanJacob and my children Jordh and Genepi, and which from the very beginning was a great pleasure. Both Ien and I immediately clicked as I did with the other artists who will be collaborating on the project, such as father and daughter James en Mary Lambourne, Lluís Oller, en not to forget Joan Costa, all of them unbelievably warm and inspiring people. We also visited james in his studio, a very impressive and modest man. It was a great experience for me. I also met Yke Prins, artist-in-residence at Palmyra Sculpture Centre, a lovely beautiful man and (this won't surprise you) someone with whom I spent hours talking about art.

Ien van Wierst and I agreed that 'Ode to Gaudí' would be transported to Mallorca and erected there. It was a somewhat tense project to transport the fountain, which weighed 600 kilos, but luckily it arrived intact after a week. Finally, Yvonne, Oscar, Victor and I spent five days attaching the two thousand roses and and two mosaic stag heads to the fountain. It looks wonderful and colorful in its setting, as if it was always meant to be there. Although it was hard work, after all the rainy Dutch weather we could really enjoy the lovely climate in Mallorca – even if it was strange to hear the locals occasionally complain about a drop or two of rain.

Ode to Gaudí was officially opened to the public on Saturday 15th June

Fontein Mallorca

Palmyrasculpture Centre

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