Jackie Sleper
Interview with Edward Rubin U.S.A.
Published on Tuesday, 10 november 2012

Edward Rubin recently came to stay with us. Edward is an American – a New Yorker to be more precise; he is a journalist, art-critic, artist, conservator and, last but not least, a world traveler – in short a man with many talents. He writes for magazines and internet sites like Arts & Antiques, ArtNexus, Sculpture Magazine, Hispanic Outlook, NYArts, Canadian Art en www.artesmagazine.com. Apart from in the USA, he has shown his work in Russia, France, Germany and Hungary. Edward is a very energetic and friendly man, sharp, humorous and happy to laugh at himself. We first met at the Florence Biennale in 2005 – the year in which I won fifth prize in the category 'Sculptures and Installations'.

Edward Rubin and Jackie at the Florence Biennale 2007

He came to look at my work and was so fascinated by it that he asked if he could write an article about it for the New York Arts Magazine. Naturally I agreed. See website

In the process we became friends. He was present when two years later I won the golden medal in the same category at the Florence Biennale. From that moment he began to follow me (in the nice sense of the word). He came to Mexico when my project Dulce y Amargo (dedicated to Mexico) travelled around the country and was shown in eight museums. We have also met in New York and we will meet again in India later this year.

Edward Rubin and Jackie during the interview in the studio

He also intends to write an extended article, for Sculpture Magazine about my work and travels, about SOIL-Maati and Black Jack my Utrecht winter show.


We did the interviews last weekend, and even though that involved lot of work there was enough time left over to do other nice things. We went to the Kröller Müller Museum, on the 'Open Studio Day' in Utrecht we received guests in my studio on the Schalkwijkstraat. We also visited the exhibition of the American photographer in the Ravestijn Gallery, where I had a lovely meeting with the Dutch art-historian and critica Tineke Reijnders. The days flew by.

Edward Rubin is an extraordinary man and I am very glad that our paths crossed.