Jackie Sleper

Opening expositie in Museum Henriette Polak
Sunday 1st June 2014

Tiana Wilhelm, the director and curator of the Zutphen Museum Zutphen, together with Jackie and a collector of her work.

A work from the 'BLACK JACK 2012' series was selected for the exhibition:
"See, see what you can't see"
Published on Monday, 1 june 2014

Now showing in the Henriette Polak Museum

A song of praise for everything of contemporary value

On Sunday 1st June at 15.30 (doors open at 15.00)

For the opening of the exhibition Tiana Wilhelm, director of Musea Zutphen and curator of Mooi Oud ('Beautiful Old') interviewed the artist Matthijs Röling (1943).

Röling is well known as the advocate and figure-head of contemporary figurative Dutch art. As influential teacher at the Academie Minerva and the Klassieke Academie he witnessed from the beginning the careers of Sam Drukker, Douwe Elias, Pieter Pander, Nico Heilijgers and others whose work is presented in the exhibition.

The word 'oud' (old) has two opposites: 'young' and 'new', which mostly evoke positive responses. The exhibition Mooi Oud ('Beautiful Old') challenges that prejudice and it emphasises the beauty of old things; a beauty which goes beyond aesthetics and which can be seen in portraits, landscapes, still-lives and other objects. Many artists are fascinated by the traces which time leaves and they know how to express this in many impressive ways.

More than forty artists re-examine the accepted ideas about the beauty of antique things, the melancholy beauty of decay and the resistant beauty of old love and friendship. Be surprised and moved by the ways in which they manage to record the transience of things. Old is the new young!

Mooi Oud could be seen between 31st May and the 28th September, 2014

Location: Zaadmarkt 88 - 7201 DE - Zutphen - Museum Henriette Polak
For more information see the website of the Stedelijk Museum, Zutphen.