Jackie Sleper
"Meeting between orthodontist and artist."
Published on Tuesday, 22 april 2014

Ontmoeting tussen orthodontist en kunstenaarMarion en Jackie


Orthodontist practice "Wassenaar te Lintelo", Utrecht


"I can see everything already" Jackie said to me when she saw the glass panels in my practice for the first time.

That was the moment when the rebuilding and the equipping of my new orthodontist practice was finally ready. My practice is in a beautiful old building next to the Wilhelmina Park in Utrecht, with a contemporary interior; it is precisely this combination of original and modern which makes it so unusual.

In the surgery itself the dental chairs are separated by high transparent glass panels. I already had clear ideas about the fitting out of the whole practice except for the decoration of the glass panels. My first idea was to attach transfers to the glass and to replace them later with something more beautiful.

The great thing about Jackie is that she came up with her idea for the decoration at precisely the right moment. She suggested that she design the transfers for the glass panels based on the concept of a Japanese cherry-blossom garden. This was perfect because my practice has a lovely view into the park.

I was very enthusiastic as soon as I saw her first designs in different perspectives and everyone else who worked in the practice agreed. But it was still quite difficult to imagine how the designs would look when they were actually in place.

The first test-print was stuck onto a glass panel in the reception area – but sadly it was not as effective as we had hoped. But Jackie committed herself full time to solving the problem, working closely with the company which provided the transfers – and the result was fantastic.

On the day that the completed transfers were to be attached to the panels we were all very tense – after all they would determine the space in which we were all going to work. Early in the morning the men arrived who were going to attach the transfers to the panels, and when I arrived two panels were already completed – and it was beautiful. They had a lovely transparent effect and they varied from being very detailed in places with a strong sense of depth. The colours were beautiful and there was a very unusual and beautiful detail – all the flowers were composed of little teeth. Clearly the work of a true artist!

Mac artMcArt plaatst de folie

Jackie was also extremely enthusiastic – and rightly. The result is wonderful and it makes it a lovely place in which to work.

The patients were also very enthusiastic from the beginning – most of them found it very beautiful and they often said what a lovely atmosphere it had created - though one or two were not so enthusiastic and a teenage boy said that it was "certainly beautiful but a bit too pink".

Meanwhile we have now been working for several weeks among the Japanese blossoms. Fantastic!

Thank you so much Jackie for your beautiful original design and for your enthusiastic commitment to the whole project.

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