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Preview Black Jack
Published on Saterday, 22 December 2012

photography Sjaak Ramakers

Invitatie Black Jack

Black Jack is, up to now, my most personal project. For me, life is a an exciting and challenging game. Apart from alluding to my name it refers to the gambling game blackjack, also known as vingt-et-un. You are always forced to play by ear, mostly intuitively - shall I play or throw in my cards? Shall I play rationally, shall I take risks or shall I go with the flow? In no other situation do I feel so exposed and vulnerable – both outside and inside. And you will find all this in my 21 works; look and be surprised or seduced.

Jackie Sleper




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Last weekend the three-day preview of my latest project, Blackjack, took place.

The name came to me last year as a reference to the fact that I was previously known as 'Black Jack' (pronounced 'shack' in Dutch), which, of course, wasalso a reference to the gambing game, blackjack. And in it was photographer Sjak Ramakers' idea to take a photo of me with a joint (pronounced 'shackie' in Dutch) in my mouth.

Studio Boot did the design.

The first work for Black Jack was a clock with the text 'I did not know why I had been born until I saw you', made for my great love and muse JanJacob. What began, seventeen years ago, as game of .flirtation has now wound itself deep into my soul. You could thus say that the germ for the clock and Black Jack was present when our relationship began

My second work for Black Jack was the mirror,'See, See, What You Can't See'. A mirror confronts you every day with yourself and with the fact that you are getting older. You are confronted by thoughts like, should I have a botox or do I need implants? because, as a woman, you always want to be seen as smooth and beautiful. Let me be clear, I don't want to play this game. On the back of the mirror I have placed various cameos. They represent to me the idea of eternal beauty. Together the table of 18 I have made a design for a cookie in the form of a cameo. During the opening I asked everyone to close their eyes and to hold out their right hand. A cookie was then placed in each hand and the participants were invited to open their eyes. It was great to see how surprised people were and, above all, the cameos tasted fantastic.

Finally I confronted myself with the four portraits and the four objects. They comprise the key elements of Black Jack. I attached enormous, inflated breasts to the objects, a surrealist entity and something to which the men, in particular, reacted.

All in all, I can look back with satisfaction at the preview – even if it was hard work. Apart from the making of the work, the organization of the exhibition as a whole, from sending out invitations and arranging publicity, to the design of the cookies and setting the show up involved a lot of time and effort. Luckily, I had a lot of help with this. JanJacob and I set the show up together. We have an excellent working relationship – like a well-oiled machine I was very happy with the incredibly beautiful pair of trousers which Charlotte Lopuhaä made for me.

I was able to close the show with two well-attended lectures, and now it is time for me to take a little break.


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